Warnings and Hoaxes

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Those of you who used (or registered) for Ferrit, beware....

This morning my wife received a spam email with ominous overtones; the destination address concerned was only ever used on ferrit.co.nz.

The bonus with using role-driven email addresses is that you have instant ID on where an address was sourced from. Thus the email concerned could only have come from one place; Ferrit's Database of customers; or someone associated with Ferrit.

My wife did infact purchase things through Ferrit. Twice. One has to ask though, how do someones personal details wind up being used for spam purposes?!

Telecom NZ - Over to you! Meanwhile I guess we have to engineer yet another spam-black-hole on an email address that's now a write-off :(

If you us McAfee or Symantec, beware!

I must say prevention is better than cure. Yay for using software with reduced vulnerability and following safe browsing/email practises, I say...

Qantas are looking seriously at the possibility that a passenger using a laptop on their flight may have been responsible for the recent airborne incident that resulted in the aircraft experiencing a "sudden loss of altitude". Several passengers were seriously injured in the process.

Something I hadn't earlier spotted was reported in one of the above links:

In July, a passenger clicking on a wireless mouse mid-flight was blamed for causing a Qantas jet to be thrown off course, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau's monthly report.

This is interesting. Ive observed before that proof of actual in-flight interference from onboard electronics seemed to be lacking - but this seems to be much firmer proof...

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this latest problem - and how airlines around the world react.

This is important: The New Zealand Copyright Amendments due to come into law very shortly. These should be scaring any and all Internet users in NZ.. hands down.

At the recent Software Freedom Day Barcamp and then the New Zealand Open Source Awards the issue of NZ's participation in ACTA, as well as the revisions to Copyright law, were mentioned. It also came up during the ICT Ministers debate. Enough attention was drawn, that Hon David Cunliffe, Minister for ICT, volunteered to set up a meeting with interested parties and the relevant minister, to discuss.

Colin Jackson blogged post his attendance at said meeting, as NZOSS's representative. There is also Colin's slot on National Radio (with Kim Hill) where he was able to make his views known. (Audio (.ogg) and Transcript available). Don Christie then documented the situation on the NZOSS Site.

In short:
- If you are accused 3 times of copyright infringement, your ISP will be obligated by LAW to cut you off.
- That's an accusation. No proof required.
- The scope of this really needs some thought for a minute.

ZM were definately compromised - whether deliberate or accidental.

Sad. Very sad.

especially those alleged of molesting young boys..

David Chord. Wow. Fidonetters may remember that name.

He always struck me as nice enough, if a bit odd. I'm slightly stunned. I guess the 'oddness' has really come out...

Copy of article(s) (for posterity) after the jump.

Oh yes they are:

Subject: Internet Banking Security Upgrade
From: "Westpac" <spoof@westpac.com.au>
Date: Wed, August 20, 2008 2:56 pm

Yes. I definately intend to pay attention to this important email... for sure...

(Ommiting the fact I don't bank with Westpac...)

As Computerworld reports 'pattern-matching' is heading for its use-by date.

By extension this means that the major means of detecting virus code may in itself be inneffective.

Scary? You betcha.

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