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Party On, Dude!.

Good frigging grief.

Some choice quotes:

""My legs are fully damaged, like hard out," he said."

... yes... Third degree burns to a goodly portion of your legs, is 'fully damaged, like hard out'.

"Mr Dixon said he'd thrown petrol on fires "for years", but it had "never come fully back at me. I found out this time that it does."

Gee, when you pour an accellerant onto an open fire, dya THINK it might cause some risk to you?

As for his mates pouring Alcoholic Drinks on him to put out the flames...

Stunned, I am.

""It's just what I'm like. I love parties; drinking, smoking, everything, drifting and all that.""

Mate, if you survive to age 30, i'll be impressed.

(The only credit I can offer is that you actually thought to recognise the people who helped you survive your experience. I suppose that's better than being entirely oblivious to the stupidity of your actions - and perhaps your lifestyle?)

Okay so recent events in a single post...

Having returned from Brisbane (Photos on Facebook for those who can see them) i've been working like a bit of a maniac on several different projects at work... between that and other bits and pieces i've been very, very busy.

Other bits and pieces include having been 'officially confirmed' as a member of the NZOSS Council at their AGM last week. This after having been either a 'defacto' or 'coopted' member of the council since pretty much the inception of NZOSS.... somehow it's now more 'real' - and it feels good, to be honest. I do have to be careful not to overcommitt myself - but the Society seem to be happy with what I manage to contribute and i'm more than happy to continue supporting freedom of choice in the software world.

With that in mind I attended the Open Government Barcamp yesterday. Very interesting to get ~160 interested, enthusiastic and clooful people together to identify real issues that can be addressed - or at the very least, raised to the attention of people who can. Todays hackfest was the practical side - unfortunately due to personal committments (like actually needing to see my family! heh) I had to skip it. Still, the Barcamp was very useful. Of particular interest was NZGOAL - Government Open Access and Licensing initiative which is looking to greatly simplify the gotchas around making government information accessible and usable by the populace. A video helped paint a picture. Suprisingly I havnt found the video itself on Youtube yet...

In response to the overwhelming majority of people who think that a smack, as part of good parental correction, should NOT be illegal in NZ - the PM is leaving the law intact but then directing Police and CYFS not to prosecute on the obviously stupid cases.

Nice move - but the whole circumstance is stupid. How can you leave a law intact and then instruct people not to enforce it? Farcical!!

""I think it's a classic case of the Act tail wagging the National dog. He [Mr Hide] is worth 2 per cent and yet he is dictating to the Government that there should be no Maori representation in a city that will represent 1.4 million people. That's not right.""
A quote taken from the The Zealand Herald.

HANG ON. Maori - and everyone else - are represented by the same people!! Why do Maori need seperate representation?

I actually agree with Rodney on this particular, polarizing point.

Gah, theyve finally done it; Law change coming soon..

I feel very sorry for those who're going to be unfairly hindered by this....
Though perhaps the stupid ones out there will get their just desserts... (it does rely on you being caught though, doesn't it?)

Grateful to read this article which points out that hands-free really isn't the silver bullet. So if you're the type who gets in trouble while using a phone, hands free isn't really going to help you.

(And a big raised-middle-finger to those who actually write text messages while driving!!)

... Now apparently Maori shouldn't need to reach any sort of qualification standard for entry to University.

Yes, of course. All us 'white kids' get to work hard whilst at High School, reaching the prerequisites for our desired university course becomes a target, a goal.

So because Maori seem to be (as a higher percentage) unable to meet the same standards of secondary education as others, we should make it -easier- for them to enter the tertiary sector?

When you spoon feed it to them, of course they'll 'do better' !! None of this however addresses the root problems.... which stem from the fact that the people who represent the lower percentiles who don't make it to University, are people who aren't 'smart', or disciplined enough, or who are unfairly disadvantaged in some way. Why does race have to have anything to do with it?

Perhaps the problems are more in the home? The culture of the household?
This holds true regardless of the colour of your skin.

Damn I hate racists.

Just to prove how reliable the media can be when dealing with the Swine Flu issue...
Wyld sent me this...

*It's a killer flu, it's an aggressive flu, it's a mild flu, it's a bad cold;

*Tamiflu doesn't work at all against it because it's a different kind of flu, Tamiflu works if you take it before the symptoms appear, Tamiflu works if you take it in the first three days;

*Those hardest hit are actually people with healthy immune systems fighting it off, those hardest hit are the immune compromised, those hardest hit have native American blood;

*It's from pigs, it has nothing to do with pigs;

*It *might* mutate.

Can anyone say 'FUD alert'?

So the banning of cellphone use in cars is on the cards.

I've ranted about this before. Of course, my viewpoint hardly reflects the majority of people who seem to care, because I'm apparently one of the few people smart enough to be able to do both while prioritising the road, not the phone.[1]

But now we see opinions like this:

Mr Noon said parents should refrain from texting their children at night to ask where they were "because what could be more tragic than sending them a text that makes them have an accident?"

Good grief. How about we just never send SMS ever again, incase we unwittingly distract the guy at the other end?

A shame that there's apparently 'peer pressure' to respond to SMS in a timely fashion - on the part of teens in particular. Oh sh!t. Sorry I couldn't respond earlier - had to stop myself from dying first.

Seriously. I realise the lowest common denomonator is where we often have to aim - but isn't it sad when it really is THAT low? Can people not ignore their SMS (sms is by its very nature, not a duplex conversation... an extra few seconds or even minutes are hardly going to be life threatening (probably get blamed on the network!) until it's safe to grab their phone and look at the screen?

Sigh. I guess I better save up for the bluetooth headset to go with my phone. Only my personal phone, mind you, as work won't be supplying one for their phone (they supply the cabled one... which doesn't fit in my ear... )


The Napier Gunman found dead in his home. The guy was military-trained (ex Territorial Forces, the NZ Army Reserve) and explosives were found in his house. Conjecture about the origins of his guns indicates that they were likely to be ex military. He didn't have a firearms license.

So the guy was a nutjob who dealt in weed and when he returned home to discover cops busting his place, he went a little nuts and killed one. :( Two more plus a civilian were critically injured.

So in comes AOS, STG and the Army with a LAV to provide some protection. Neighbourhood goes into lockdown. The guy appears to have caught a coupla bullets and appears to have died - currently there's no confirmation that the wounds he died from were self inflicted or not.

Either way several people I know are relatively grateful he died during the siege... it stops the taxpayer from having to try to 'fix him' or else put him up for life in an institution....

Tragic, but also probably the right ending. Minus the slaying of the cop of course - which is tragic as hell and my profuse condolances go to those who knew him.

A hellovaweek.

In other news, a major credit offered to the savior mum whos correct application of first aid - and CPR in particular - saved her kid from almost certain death. Good stuff. I hope you all know CPR?

A quiet Mothers-day weekend - with a lovely sleep in - thanks to the little one being away overnight (first time? No, second time). Cringing at the thought of a busy week. What's new? ;-)


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