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... and operating in 'fullscreen' mode it can be difficult to detatch / drop back to your Ubuntu fat client.

Thanks to a link found on the Ubuntu Forums the answer is simple:

Ctrl-Alt-Enter will put you back into 'windowed' mode.

I've been running remote sessions at 800x600 in order to maintain fat-client control on my 1024x768 res Ubuntu box. Should've searched sooner. Oops :)


I'm sure most of those with an interest in the subject are by now aware of the Linux Australia conference being held in Wellington, NZ in a couple of weeks time. Yep, LCA2010 is that close.

As one of the volunteers as well as a 'professional delegate' i've been working up my calendar to ensure I get the best out of the week. Today, just to make life interesting, there was a timetable shuffle to better accomodate some interesting speakers in the 'Open in the Public Sector' stream, which is one i'm quite interested in. So tonight i've just reshuffled what I hope to attend.

Dissapointingly this means that the Public Sector stream conflicts with the Sysadmin Miniconf. I'll be looking for notes, video and such to be available from that one - with any luck.

In other news I can confirm for folks interested that there will be wifi internet available at the venue (gotta get your geek fix somehow). Details will be up on the LCA website very soon (assuming they're not there already - i'm told they are, but I havnt found them yet).

Finally, this is my first blog tagged with the LCA2010 category, so this may well come up in the 'Planet LCA2010' feed. Here's hoping. :-) It should also - I hope - appear on Twitter....

Looking forward to my first LCA. :) Mine starts on Sunday with helping some of the organising crew move stuff around. Gonna be a busy week! :)

Apple iPhone source code is being demanded.

Exemplifies why I am not keen to own one of these boxes!

- To gain freedom from lock-in, owners have 'jailbroken' their phones.
- Subsequent updates have screwed with those phones and the personal data of their owners.
- Ironically theyre now the ones being targetted by malicious worms.

If you havn't changed your passwords to make yourself immune from the latter, more fool you... but there's a wider issue here of how the vendor, and the telcos, have attempted to retain control of the machines even as theyre sold and used by their owners... with disasterous results for some.

Why would you buy an appliance that an external party can fiddle with at whim? Because it's 'cool' ??

In case you've been hiding under a copyright rock - This clip, taken from , is definately worth a watch. Seems like an appropriate time to once-again plug the excellent work that the Creative Freedom Foundation are doing in getting the message out there in a coherent fashion.

© kiwiright from fyminc on Vimeo.

I don't know about you but I really don't know that being taken to court for taking photos in a tourist spot is really a risk I see as in any way reasonable. And yet that day may well be coming.

Nicely done, Colin. ACTA is a threat to all of our freedoms and the Government needs to remember it's obligation to remain transparent to the public... ! Nevermind that the logic of ACTA itself is flawed.

Kudos to Mark for writing this up..

Strongly recommended reading to anyone who values their freedoms - online or otherwise.

The more I read about copyright, the more i'm convinced it's being taken too far...

35 UK Councils forced into an expensive migration path after vendor discontinues service.

Tells a tale all of it's own, doesn't it? One big plus to the FOSS world is you don't wind up subject to the whims of a single vendor/manufacturer.

Door is indeed "Slammed".

I'm not sure about the rationale here; it seems key that Flash would open the door to flash-built apps - and in effect provide a bypass to the Apple Store.

Heaven forbid Apple should lose their totalitarian control over their appliances!
(do we need to mention Apple threatening a lawsuit against Woolworths due to their new logo?)

That's a bit what this sounds like. Essentially it appears that Apple iPhones which've been syncing with MS Exchange have been leading people to believe their data is encrypted on-device. And now that the bug that caused this to be reported has been patched... Exchange sync no longer works.

This doesn't personally affect me, as I run neither Exchange nor an iPhone. But it does thoroughly convince me that my previously doubts about Applies business practises were right on the money.

I've previously blogged about it. And now this issue adds to the mix.

I seriously wonder what people inside Apple are thinking right now?

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