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About Linux and Open Source,

National Business Review have stuffed up, by letting Francis Till front their 'open source' writing.
Not only has he demonstrated his ignorance of the situation at large but has made some gross generalisations to boot.

The Open Source Society Mailing List have observed that Mr Till has basically regurgitated Microsofts notoriously biased "Get the Facts" page, centered around why Linux is the Wrong choice for a Server.

Nevermind the fact that to use webserving as an example, 70% of - or 53 Million - Webservers in the world run Apache, an open source platform. Most of these on either Linux or BSD. (Talk about backing the dead horse - one would think that particular statistic gets over-quoted!)

Don't be fooled, ladies and gents. There are some incredibly biased points of view out there. So when 'getting the facts', take a holistic view - don't listen to a single vendor. And remember thats what Microsoft are - a vendor, too. They want to increase their market share, and if that can be done through dis-information and spreading of mistruths - they'll do that, too. And NBR will help them along.

(Anyone with a clue at NBR should be seriously evaluating their take on Linux and Open Source in general - assuming they want to retain any loyalty in their readership. Noone likes a parrot.)

As you might have noticed I've got a few links to Various Linux related entities - The NZLUG, AuckLUG and NZOSS groups particularly. I'm involved with all three groups.

NZLUG - the New Zealand Linux Users Group - is one in particular that i've been participating in for a while. It is actually responsible in a lot of ways for my Linux expertise to date - and I met dpa ('s Coadmin) care of the NZLUG. Neat eh? ;-)

Anyway theres been a lot of discussion between the 'cabal' in charge of NZLUG and those of other LUGs in NZ recently. Particuarly the WellyLUG Cabal and the WLUG Committee.

Looks like is going to be the 'New Zealand Linux Wiki' (relatively brand generic) - but is built on the Waikato LUG website.

The Wiki, if you don't know, is an interesting sort of website. Basically anyone - anonymously except for having to supply a name - can create or modify content. This of course means that in a community environment, you can rapidly build up a knowledge base which is kept up to date through peer review. I've never been a huge Wiki fan - to me having things wide open like that is just asking for trouble - however in a few instances its been made to work very well. WikiPedia is one. WLUG's Website is another. is a 'skin' of the site but but its aim is not just to support WLUG, but Linux users of NZ. Thus the generic hostname.

I hope it works. I endorse the idea of having a single useful resource. Stops us having to look everywhere. Sweet.

Decision to date seems to be that the NZLUG - which is, essentially, made up of the mailing list which forged it, and the website that supports it - will continue to provide the mailing list and the website it does. Nice and simple. The Website is intended to be a 'portal' to other Linux Resources, including the Wiki. One stop shop.

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