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Well its that time again, Rally 2003. This year I was stationed on the Safety 3 Car providing backup comms in case of problems, breakages or any other difficulties that might get in the way of the 'master plan'. (Essentially a swap of job with ZL1UFY if anyone has read the prior years articles...)

This year the stages in Raglan have been ommitted in favour of more stuff run up North, centered in Paparoa just west of Maungatoroto. Thus we left Auckland at 5am Friday morning for an early start up north.

Our job was essentially to float around and be there in case of any trouble. As it happened, from a comms point of view Friday was nearly flawless. Our day finished ~5pm back at the Motel in Wellsford.

Saturday had us up in essentially the same places, starting with the longest event of Rally NZ - SS10. 60km of hard-nuts driving. The record time for this was set as 33 minutes.

Again, no problems, and ZL1MR and myself were back in Auckland by 3pm for a well deserved rest.

This site largely created on Saturday afternoon. Sundays report to come...

Pics (Fri/Sat)

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