- some very interesting points here.

Recently came to my attention.

Oh. My. GOD.

Yes, at last there is a site that will help rid Zealand of the Losers who call themselves 'Boy Racers'.

This site will also help improve the driving overall of Zealand drivers, and give another avenue for all those good drivers out there to report the fools that we see on the road each and every day!

Oh yes.. all those 'good' drivers out there.

Well Mr Lewis I have some questions for you...

Thanks to, of course. :P,,5-2004142909,00.html

A definate publicity stunt, but with a touch of elegance.. :) - briefly, A client of UBD using an out of date CDROM Database of business contacts engaged in Unsolicited Commercial Email aka Spam, and didn't honour unsubscription requests by all accounts. The subsequent actions of Spamhaus in blackholing the mail delivery servers involved ended up catching quite a few people as 'collateral damage' - Including the New Zealand Herald.

Why can't people just engage brain before blindly spamming the world?

- Credit to the NZOSS Portal for the link.

Basically EULA's shouldnt allow vendors to opt-out of the issues around releasing buggy software. Hear hear!

What a good idea... - If you want your own colocated box to host stuff on, heres how to do it. More applicable in the USA I guess, but still...

Maybe NZ needs an equivalent. Telehousing isnt cheap generally...

A good paper on the functionality in IRC Bots - especially those intent on exploiting remote hosts.

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