records this story. She wants the puppy to look after her baby, which has just gone to bottled milk. I wonder if this is a first or not... !

From the NZ Herald Good to see a local Amateur Radio Operator get some mention in there.
I really hope that they take this project seriously. This stuff has some serious possibilities.

Images of my Tranciever Installation and Testing can now be found in the Gallery (see main row of links above).

In other news, the FT8900R has arrived and the saga will continue some more as I determine how to mount it in the car :-) Some reviews found here that sing praises...

See Slashdot Article on how the .WAV files shipped with Windows Media Player were edited with a pirated copy of SoundForge 4.5. Verifiable by dragging the .WAV's out of the Help\Tours\WindowsMediaPlayer\Audio\Wav folder underneath c:\windows and looking for the text string at the very bottom...

ROFL.. well done, Hypocrites!

I suppose in the great scheme of things it could be seen as a relatively minor slipup, but MS must know that the minute t hey start pointing finger, they're going to be under the microscope.. the world hates hypocrasy...

... had missed one config item that had locked out the comments system.
Sorry :P

As seen today on Sandringham Rd:

Not something you see on the roads every day - and Its an interesting way of representing yourself to the public, isnt it :-)

Of course, you probably dont expect to see some guy with a camera parked up next to a major intersection waiting for you, either...

Thanks to Liz and David who gave me the headsup as they left to head down to the pools :)

A cheapie but functional enough:

This is what I got.

As documented here complete with pictures. Took a while to get around to finishing the documenation of the Ant/DC install, but since I did the SWR Testing today I figured I should publish as one item...

Also discussed on the YANZ Forum.

As described @ Item will be relisted when XPD returns from holiday in a week or two. Meanwhile if anyones interested, please get in touch with him care of myself...

Woman hit by train sues rail company - because "the railroad was negligent for failing to post signs warning "of the dangers of walking near train tracks and that the tracks were actively in use.""

erm.. huh?

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