This Story from the NZ Herald tells of a 17 year old who had >$40,000 of fines wiped - because he has refused to pay up.

Hes been done for speeding and other driving offenses - including failing to display L-Plates - and refuses to pay because he 'hates the cops'.

Not only that, the Judge wiped his fines in favour of community service because he doesn't have an income but the kid has the gall to admitt he has money afterward - and that he chooses not to pay up.

I don't get it. If you're guilty, you do the time (or pay the fine) - the fines are meant to dissuade people from offending or reoffending, wheres the value if peoples obstinance can be used as a workaround?

The kid thinks the cops are picking on him. Yet if he were innocent, there'd be a genuine case for the courts to answer . Hes obviously doing something wrong...

He has a 'crew'... at the risk of playing on stereotypes, it sounds very much like him and his crew don't do anything to help themselves, if theyre drawing attention to themselves.

I feel strongly about this, if only because the kids attitude is terrible, and hes getting away with far too much. Courts should have the ability to impose stronger restrictions, somehow... (yet I know its not that simple).

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Now THIS challenges the definition of 'burnout'... its absurd!

And from the Herald also - although the article is broken:

Drag racer in critical condition

22.11.2004 6.00 am

A drag racer was in a critical condition in Hutt Hospital last night after his car crossed the finish line and careered off the road at a race meet.

Police said the car crashed into a warehouse at the event in Seaview, Lower Hutt, just before 3pm.

Ambulance and fire services already at the site cut the driver free.


-- More 'Boyracers' giving car enthusiasts a bad name. Fools.

The Herald Reports. I say based on what ive read and heard in the media, that this is a good call.

I feel strongly for any family that have to experience something similar to this. I very seriously hope I am never faced with the situation... sooooo tragic.

Callplus mostly operates under the Slingshot brand for Internet purposes nowadays.

Once upon a time, I worked for them on Helpdesk. It was actually my entry to the Internet Industry.

However, things have changed.

Now, whenever you email their support (or abuse) teams... this is the response: (in HTML format, pulled from the source of the message that was sent back to me... )

 Suggested Answer

This is an automatic acknowledgment of your email.

For assistance we encourage you to visit our online support site - - if you are unable to find a solution you can then use the 'Ask a Question' option to contact our staff.

Alternatively you may reply to this email with your query.

Best regards,

The Team at Slingshot/Callplus


My question to you is - what ISP leaves the heading 'Suggested Answer' at the top of an autoresponse? How good does that look?

And for that matter whats wrong with plain-text?

This last message was about a homepage account which I had dating back to my days as an employee. They hadnt terminated it yet - nearly 4 years later - and it was still indexed by at least one search engine I came across! Fortunately, despite the fact that no response or acknowledgement to my message (sent at least a few days ago) has yet been received, their NOC responded in a matter of hours when I followed up, and took immediate and positive action. Kudos to that. Now theyve just gotta fix their autoresponder.

(Reports sent to abuse@ will get these autoresponses as well, so i'm sure i'll find out at some point...) records this story. She wants the puppy to look after her baby, which has just gone to bottled milk. I wonder if this is a first or not... !

From the NZ Herald Good to see a local Amateur Radio Operator get some mention in there.
I really hope that they take this project seriously. This stuff has some serious possibilities.

Images of my Tranciever Installation and Testing can now be found in the Gallery (see main row of links above).

In other news, the FT8900R has arrived and the saga will continue some more as I determine how to mount it in the car :-) Some reviews found here that sing praises...

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