Services Services is my hobby-service. In an effort to gain experience administering a *nix server online (and to cover some of the costs involved in telehousing my own machine for this purpose at the same time) I have offered basic Internet services.

- Email
- Webhosting
- IT Consulting.

These days I only take on new 'customers' by referral. Existing 'clients' continue to be served as before. The key reason for this, is that is not-for-profit, a hobby, and something therefore I spend only limited time and resources on. Also, people using my services need to be happy to live with any restrictions I may put in place (like my DNS Based Blocking List Usage, for example).

Existing customers should check out the Message Of the Day (MOTD) for the current network status.

Anything missing, or broken, or any other questions, should be emailed to services @ or forwarded via my Contact Form.

Cheers :-)