MagicDisc... not good! How to uninstall it when it fails.

So I was hunting for a program that'd let me mount a .NRG (Nero Disc Image) without having to burn the image to DVD first.

I found MagicDisc which is supposedly really good - at least it's website would have you think so.

So I install it and all appears OK.

I mount the image, that's fine.
Damned if I can do much with the data inside the image, though!!
So I try to uninstall.

Hmm. Add/Remove Programs just presents 'Change' as an option, as the Uninstall commandline is missing. A partial error implying lack of permissions is also present.

So I go into c:\program files\magicdisc and look in there - there's an UNINST.EXE and a UNWISE.EXE.

UNINST.EXE causes the system to freeze up.
UNWISE.EXE does very little - it prompts for Automatic or Manual, and then calls UNINST.EXE - which freezes up.

So after many reboots and re-attempts I start searching for references to uninstalling MagicDisc.

Eventually I find this hit from (which, ironically, doesn't work now either) - it's a forum discussion where one poster recommends the following. Having nothing else to lose, I tried it, and it worked:

  • Open Regedit
  • Search for 'mcdbus'. Delete the entire folder (should be something like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\mcdbus)
  • Search again. Delete this one too (should be something like HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet003\Services\mcdbus). Note that I actually exported both of the above first, just in case.
  • Reboot the system.
  • Ignore the error that comes up on startup due to failed driver load.
  • Run the uninstaller again.

I'm now rid of it. Good riddance. And on to DaemonTools Lite which worked much better.


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Thank you so much for finally helping me get this off of my system, it was causing so many problems (Win7)


Same problem appeared here (on WinXP), but I followed the instructions you gave and finally got rid of MagicDisc. God bless you BlakJak!

Blakjak be praised!

you sir are a saint, finally the magicdisc demon has been exorciiiiiised! there was a few moments while the newly repaired uninstaller booted where I thought it might have been a troll fix to fool the technically uninformed and then POOF all gone, thank you thank you thank you

great help

thanks for this information.
what a horrible company to do something like this!

Thank you

your advice really helped. I removed the registry entries in controlset001 and was able to reset my system.

Best regards.

MagicDisc... not good! How to uninstall it when it fails.

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much. it is good people like you who make the world a better place............. thank u......
that was like virus.

Works fine for me was using

Works fine for me was using windows 7 tho and i only had the control set 1, 2 and current and could only find the first control set file but still worked!

What I Did

I just found Magicdisc in program filesx86 and deleted the whole file then went into unistaller and clicked unistall and it said "coudn't find the file" and then it was gone.

Works amazing!!! Thanx for

Works amazing!!! Thanx for sharing!!!!

command line

this is the command line to delete magic disk - C:\PROGRA~1\MAGICD~1\UNWISE.EXE C:\PROGRA~1\MAGICD~1\INSTALL.LOG
just copy and paste into command line

i used this one


the first one didn't work but using the "progra~2" did

omg thx

thx so much u helped me my god scared thought it was a virus or something

A lesson in using the

A lesson in using the commandline in windows.

Back in the day of 8.3 filenames (Pre Windows 98) the directory name could only have 8 letters (and no spaces). Also note globally there's no case sensitivity on windows systems.

When they moved to supporting long file names, the method of maintaining backwards compatibility was to use the first 6 characters, followed by a ~ and a sequential number.


"C:\Program Files"

Enclosing the path in speechmarks means you can include spaces and they'll work.

If you need ~2 it means you've got two directories which start with 'PROGRA' and it probably means you're running a 64 Bit OS which has

"C:\Program Files"
"C:\Program Files (x64)"

... and your program has installed in the second location.

So your behavior is the same, but you shouldn't be blindly copying and pasting instructions you find on the web... you need to be able to understand that what you're doing is calling a program 'Unwise.exe' in the installation directory for the application, and you've got a parameter on the end (path to a log file) that's apparently also required.

command line

Works fine thank you !!

+1 for comment-583

Perhaps the original post should just edit to contain the command line shown above. It actually opens the uninstaller.

You ain't kidding

I knew there was a right way to use the wise uninstaller but it's been a long time so that comment is perfect. always best to use the uninstaller than blind registry hacking. great job comment 583

Um. No.

What I blogged is what I experienced. I see no reason to update the original post.
As much as I appreciate feedback from folks, and yes perhaps there's a 'better way', frankly, i'm over-and-done-with-it and my blog has filled its purpose (sharing the 'how' in the event others have the same issues).

If 3.5 years on you're still having troubles with MagicDisc then i'm not sure I can help further.

Command Line

I love people like you who know who things work. Copy paste and that stupid program was out of here... thanks.


i love you :D got rid of it for me! thank you so much!

Er, yes, that's not the point...

... being able to paste the uninstall program syntax into the commandline doesn't bypass the issue I describe above.

Thanks for dragging this out of the archive....

I ran unwise.exe and that worked...

I was having a similar problem, I just ran UNWISE.EXE in the program files (x86) folder and it worked!