Unsolicited Advertising from a Shady looking firm (via the Companies Register?)

Warning: Once you incorporate a company and provide your details to the Companies Registry, you're doomed to receive unsolicited junk mail on a periodic basis.

I won't go into the electronic kind; the Companies office don't require you to provide electronic contact means (though when the forms are submitted, contact numbers are provided...) What i'm talking about here is plain old unsolicited postal junk.

Today we received a windowed envelope with our street address (per the companies office) in the window. Above that was no name; instead it was addressed to 'Dear Lover of Fine Wines'.

Enclosed was a self-addressed envelope (with 'Affix Stamp Here'; obviously they're not interested in supplying postage!), a glossy brochure advertising the firm 'Pieroth Wines (NZ) Limited' with an address at North Harbour Industrial Estate (Auckland); and a 'Consumer Survey' which then asks 'Are your name and address printed correctly?' Please check, so you are sure to receive your Thank-you-gift and the free 6 bottle International Wine Sampling without any delay.' To the right are three boxes with contact detail options and a title 'Details of Interested Friends!'

On the reverse is the survey, which starts with 'Your support is very important. With the help of your answers we may better adapt to the friends of Premium Wines and improve our services in future'. Goes on to ask questions for demographics and a bunch of wine preferences. It then asks for contact phone numbers (home and work) in order to arrange for the free gift and 6 bottle wine tasting.'

What's the bet that the free gift isn't 6 bottles of wine!

This is the 'please forward this to all your friends!' of the 20th century.

It's funny, when you keep a relatively close eye on the places your details are filed, and on your buying habits, you can get a good idea for all the dirty, dirty tactics out there.

Obviously our street address is known to the companies that provide us with services (Telco, Power, etc) but for most purposes, our PO Box is given for postage.
The one place we had no choice in having our details publicly listed was when we registered our home business and had to list an office address.

The fact that the junk was not personally addressed is telling in itself; this mailout was the result of some sort of automated mail merge, there's not a single sign of 'real person input'. Aside from a return PO Box on the printed envelope (sent Permit Post) there's no marking to show where this junk comes from.

The Glossy has a Privacy Guaruntee at the bottom which reads: "If we receive your completed form, we guaruntee your personal details on the survey form shall not be stored by us on any of our computer systems. Your details shall be used only by authorised persons of our associate company for contact purposes as stated on the form. Our receipt of your Survey form shall be deemed to be your inferred consent to us phoning the number pfovided by you for fulfilling our business obligations of this mailer."

Interesting choices of words there, especially given the terms used at Antispam.govt.nz.....

And here's the clincher. Noone in this household can be defined as a 'Lover of Fine Wines'. The last wine that we purchased was at the supermarket, 2 years ago, as a gift.

I have very, very little tolerance to unsolicited marketing coming via any medium. As such, I WILL NEVER EVER DEAL WITH PIEROTH WINES and I would strongly discourage others, on the basis of this type of intrusive marketing.

It's one thing to do a flyer drop. It's quite another to harvest contact details (and whilst I assume it's from the Companies Register, I sadly cannot be 100% certain; I am however about 90% confident) and then use them to (faux) personally direct said advertising.

Postscript: A Companies lookup on Pieroth Wines shows their directors have addresses in Australia and that their official Address-for-Service is in Parnell - not the North Shore (a quick search confirms it's an Accountant's office). Oh and by the way? 100% of the 300,000 issued shares are held in Germany by yet-another-company.

No way. Not interested!!! Far too many alarm bells ringing over this shady looking setup.


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Hehe... Pieroth wines is

Hehe... Pieroth wines is nice stuff :D
Weve bought some through an old school friend of mine...he no longer works for them.

We havent had any further contact from them though apart from one follow up call to see if we wanted any more.

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