NZ Couriers: the courier company to avoid. Friggin Awful.

So... it's been a while since I blogged - and i'll detail more on that elsewhere - but I felt singularly inspired after a story my wife told me tonight, about NZ Couriers. Again.

She arrived home yesterday afternoon shortly after 4pm to find some courier-delivered packages on the doorstep.
This on it's own wouldn't be a problem except that at least one of them was 'signature required'. That is, it's not meant to be delivered unless someone signs for it.

So Liz hits up the NZ Couriers website and does a track-trace on the delivery ID - to discover that it was signed for at 2.25pm - when she wasn't home!! (I know this as she was in the CBD with me... !)

Seriously, what the hell?

So... Delivery guy forges the addressee's signature and just leaves it on the doorstep. Today Liz gets a response from NZ Couriers to say that this is "industry standard practisr". Err... Wut?

Not the first time we've had problems with NZ Couriers, to be honest. Late last year Liz ordered an item from a company based in Penrose and was to have it couriered to to our home in Birkdale. The company tried to tell us that if we wanted delivery during the month of December we'd be best to pick it up from their depot (in Mt Wellington). (For those who aren't aware, Mt Wellington and Penrose are immediately adjacent, on the wrong side of the Harbour Bridge from Birkdale!) Track-and-tracing of the item at the time showed that it never got beyond being picked up by the courier. Then they couldn't find it. Then after much nagging on our part, the courier finally found it and delivered it... but had to get his teenage daughter to come to our door as he couldn't face up to us!!

Time after time we've had problems with NZ Couriers. A brief websearch shows plenty of interesting results - such as this - where lotsa folks have had similar experiences. I've previously searched Twitter for references to them - almost all negative - however the company doesn't seem to have engaged on Twitter at all, more fool them.

My strong advice? Choose another courier company. Or, in all seriousness, you're not going to get my business. They're just too unreliable.


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yep an happened again.

yep and happened again. Cowboys.

The Worst Courier Company in NZ

Totally agree. They are hopeless and non ethical. There were so many items delivered but not received by customers. They were originally shown as not yet delivered on their website. When customers queried and they discovered that the items were lost, they changed the status to delivered. They will not take any liability. The company representative even wrote back to me and said he is proud of the company serving NZ since 1964. Were there internet and powerful social media in 1964? 1974? 1984? Not even 1994. The world has changed. Consumers can no longer be blinded so easily. Just one click is all it takes to wake up and see. Hiding behind those rules and conditions set up by themselves may save them lost of money from making compensation but powerful social media will not let them go. I went on google and searched for NZ Couriers. Without surprise, many websites have been set up just to reveal their ugly stories. I have made responses to quite a few of them. NZ Couriers - shame on you!

Name a better one in NZ.

We've sent thousands of parcels with NZ Couriers, Post Haste, Fastway and others. NZ Couriers are the most reliable. Sure there have been a couple of problems, but a hell of a lot less that the others. Thank god for NZ Couriers is how our business feels. Perhaps consider it can also depend on the local driver who could be anybody and it's impossible to control how good every staff member is as you should know.

Cheers for that Mr Anonymous.

Cheers for that Mr Anonymous. Unfortunately our experience with them covers two quite discrete parts of Auckland and also some poor experiences in Upper Hutt. Gotta be some level of consistency there??

Pretty much all of the others have given us good service, but NZ Couriers have been consistently bad enough to warrant me blogging about it.

I asked my wife (who has dealt with them more than I) and she said Post Haste were amongst the better outfits to deal with.