Chromebook Hackery

Had a bit of a tinker with my daughters Chromebook today.
In particular wanted to see if I could make it boot from USB (to find a way of running an OS on it other than ChromeOS, and without actually hosing the ChromeOS instance in the process.

Managed to generally follow the instructions I found at to enable Developer mode.

Once done, you boot it up as usual (Ctrl-D to keep booting) and once started, tied to Wifi and logged in with your Google account, you can use Ctrl-Alt-T to run a ChromeOS Terminal, and from there type 'shell' to get a bash shell.
The trap is that you're then logged in as 'chronos' and to be able to act as root you need to be able to su upward... requiring the knowledge of the password for chronos. The instructions I then found on Reddit (Ctrl-Alt-RightArrowFunction) lets you open a rootshell using the previously set root password, and then set a password for the user chronos, which can then be used to fully interact without tasking out of the Window manager...

Unfortunately the instructions to let the thing boot of USB don't appear to work, and it appears, i'm not the only one to confront this. .

That's about as far as i've gotten, I don't particularly want to brick it, nor have to factory default it as such. Just be nice to have an alternative boot option occasionally. Sigh...


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